A distinguished solar PV mounting structure product range
Lumax Energy has developed a distinguished solar PV mounting structure product range. Designs creatively synergize best practice from the American, European, Asian and African solar PV mounting markets.
Innovation, technology, and market expertise
Lumax Energy has become a leader in the solar mounting market in Southern Africa through innovation and technology as well as market expertise. Price improvement through manufacturing optimization and continuous product enhancement ensures we stay ahead of competitors.
Preserving integrity through relationships
Lumax has working relationships with various metal roofing manufacturers throughout Africa to ensure clamps that preserve the integrity of roofing structures with various recommended and approved clamps for major sheeting manufacturers.
Comprehensive PV mounting offering
Lumax Energy has a comprehensive PV mounting offering for rooftop, carport , fixed tilt ground mount, and single axis tracker solutions. Healthy multi-MW stock levels and growing allows fast and efficient customer service. Today Lumax Energy is proud to have most of SA’s major solar EPCs as customers.
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Engineering for the environment

We include FEM (Finite Element Analysis) and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) during product development to ensure structural compliance and parts that can withstand the environment.

Local Compliance for every project

Our engineer sales team works with you to convert high level requirements to detailed engineering designs that comply with local building- and wind loading codes.

ECSA Registered Engineers

Lumax Energy has ECSA registered professional engineers to perform site inspections and sign off on erected structures where required.

We develop and manufacture a comprehensive range of structural solutions specialized for the use of mounting photo-voltaic panels.

Our in-house range of services allow us to design, adjust, and manufacture the exact right specifications for every project to get it right the first time. 

Lumax boasts world-class leading engineering and design as a solar mounting company on the African continent.


Our quick lead times and easy installation solutions lead to more projects being completed in time and in budget.

Leading with Advance Customisation

We custom design to produce only the best and economic solution for every project. A wide selection of coating materials can then be added for a well-finished end product.

Leaders in Local Quality

Lumax has the ability to supply solution with over 90% local content for most of our products ranges.

Leading with Strong Engineering Capability

Our in-house team covers multiple disciplines including structural, civil, mechanical, electrical and has professional sign-off capability.


By offering in-house value added services we produce quicker turnaround times on projects and can help your project across the finish line faster and more efficiently. 


Individual parts and complete solutions need to hold under worst case environmental load conditions. Our Engineering Services include product development to ensure structural compliance of the highest standard including:

– FEM (Finite Element Analysis) 

– CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)


Our engineered structures sales team works with clients to convert high level requirements to detailed engineering designs that comply with local building- and wind loading codes.


Lumax Energy has ECSA registered professional engineers to perform site inspection and  sign off on erected structured where required.


Lumax Energy has an experienced sales team that guide clients to select the most appropriate solutions, assist with BOQ calculations, and keep clients informed throughout the sales process.

In-house engineering disciplines
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B-BBEE Contributor
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of PV Mounting Systems supplied since 2017

Dear Valued Clients

As the year draws to a close, we would like to inform you about some important dates and events that will impact our operations at Lumax Energy. We wish you a joyful and prosperous holiday season. May the coming year be filled with success, happiness, and energy solutions that power your aspirations.

Year-End Function Closure - 24 November 2023

On Friday, November 24th, 2023, Lumax Energy will be closed in celebration of our annual year-end function. Please
note that on this day, no deliveries or collections will be scheduled for either clients or suppliers.

Annual Shutdown - 22 December 2023

Our annual company shutdown will commence on Friday, December 22nd, 2023, and will continue until Tuesday,
January 3rd, 2024.